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Edinburgh City Council Midlothian

Recycling Edinburgh and Midlothian’s residual waste

Residual waste, also known as black bag waste, is all the mixed waste that is collected by the Councils. This excludes the materials that have been separated out by householders for recycling.

In December last year, FCC Environment was appointed by both councils as their 'Preferred Bidder' for the design, build and operation of a recycling and energy recovery facility specifically for residual waste. The facility, the Millerhill Recycling and Energy Recovery Centre (Millerhill RERC) will form a key part of the City of Edinburgh and Midlothian Councils' "Zero Waste" strategy.

As is required by the planning regulations, prior to a full planning application being made an applicant is obliged to consult over a 3 month period, with the local community and public on its proposals. As such, FCC Environment submitted a PAN (Planning Application Notice) in December 2014 to Midlothian Council Planning Authority setting out its plans for the proposed Millerhill RERC

The link below has been provided to ensure that local communities and the public are appropriately engaged and communicated with during this period. The webpage includes all details regarding the consultation process, including key dates, locations and updates as the process progresses to full submission and beyond. You will also find relevant contact details for FCC Environment who have a dedicated project team supporting the project.

Further information about FCC Environment and the proposed facility can be found here