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Edinburgh City Council Midlothian


Zero Waste: Edinburgh and Midlothian is committed to providing equal access to goods and services as required by the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995.

If you experience any difficulties in obtaining the information you need from this site please contact us. We are happy to provide information in alternative formats and will attempt to resolve any accessibility problems which you may experience.

Access keys

We have adopted access keys to the UK Government standard. These keyboard shortcuts provide an alternative form of navigation. Not all operating systems and browsers support this function. The access keys are supported by MS Internet Explorer 4 and above and by Netscape 6x versions.

Listed below are the accesskeys we use. With Windows-based systems the user has to press the 'Alt key' and the accesskey and with the Macintosh system the user has to press the 'Ctrl key' and the accesskey:

For users of JAWS audio browsers a 'skip navigation' option is included, to allow users to reach the content of a page more quickly.


Where images add information to text on a page we will make sure that an alternative text description of the image is supplied.  Where images are used to help users navigate our site we will provide an alternative text description of the symbols.

Viewing the full screen

To view the full screen (this removes some of the browser's navigation bars), press F11 once.  Press it again to return the navigation bar.



Screen magnification

If you change the settings on your browser and find that the text is still too small for you to read easily, we can supply the information in a different format. Alternatively you may wish to try using screen magnification software. More information can be found at the RNIB website.  This website can also be used with JAWS screen readers but is not currently compatible with Supernova.   [PLEASE CHECK]

Documents for download

Some of our documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. To access documents in this format you must have an Adobe Reader. You can download this free software at the Adobe website.  Read more about accessibility options for this format at the Adobe Acrobat Access page on the city of Edinburgh Council website.

Each time we use a download, we will display a meaningful title for the file, indicate its size and mention the file format, e.g. PDF or Word. This information will help you decide whether to download the file to your local machine.

Unfortunately not all of our documents which are available for download are fully accessible.  If you are unable to view any document please contact us to have this information supplied in an alternative format.

Images such as maps are often very large files and they may take some time to download, especially for users without broadband connections.  If you are unable to download any file, please contact us to obtain a copy of this document in an alternative format.